Celebrate Back- to-School! Five Ways To Enjoy One Hour of “Me” Time at Marsh Manor

Celebrate Back- to-School! Five Ways To Enjoy One Hour of “Me” Time at Marsh Manor

1. Sign up for a free trial class at Studio KFit.

Between the airdyne bikes and water rowers, participants engage all the major muscle groups in the body, making it one of the most effective workouts for maximizing calorie expenditure and improve overall cardiovascular health.  Right now Studio KFit offers a free Nutritional Guide when you sign up for a trial class.

2. Meet a friend for coffee and something delicious at Eva Sweets Bakery

Eva Sweets Bakery is a euro-style homey baking company. Eva Sweets leverages top quality local ingredients & fresh baking intertwined with traditional European baking techniques and recipes to bring to life remarkable pastries in both looks and taste. Take a look at some of their sweets here.

3. Change up your haircolor at Salt & Light Aveda Salon

Salt & Light Salon is a thriving AVEDA concept hair salon. Their stylists believe in bringing out your natural beauty with the freshest styles and ideas. With a thorough consultation, your personalized hair experience, hair care routine and future bookings will all be seamlessly customized as a perfect fit for YOU. Schedule your appointment here.

4. Connect with your spouse over “date lunch”

You have your choice of American, Mexican, Chinese and “Alien Breakfast.” Freewheel Brewing Company uses the best locally sourced ingredients to prepare delicious pub fare with Californian flavor. Yat Sing use the freshest ingredients and sauces to create delightful and tasty Chinese dishes. Los Gallos Taqueria serves classic Mexican fare in a colorful, festive venue with a full bar. Squeeze In‘s menu is bursting with over 64 specialty omelettes and unique breakfast items including dozens of unique sandwiches, boss burgers, mega burritos, super fresh, super huge salads, homemade soups & more!

5. Discover the benefits of Resistance Stretching

Stretchworks offers a customized program to directly address your body, needs, and goals. Intensive one-on-one resistance stretching and strengthening, sport-specific training to optimize athletic ability and performance. Maximum flexibility, strength, posture, health and mental fitness gains. Sign up for your session here

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