Delucchi’s NEW Quick & Easy Meals!

Delucchi’s NEW Quick & Easy Meals!


New Quick & Easy meals to provide you with ready to cook meals that are simple to prepare and enjoy! You will find a wide variety in Delucchi’s Market.

The preparation instructions are always on the label and all necessary ingredients are included inside the kit. They have a wide variety of these kits: entrees, sides, salads, and more! The kits with meat come with oven and grill safe bags for no mess cooking.

These Quick & Easy kits with organically sourced ingredients feature handmade sauces and also come in vegan and gluten-free options. Cook time is as quick as 10 minutes and each kit usually serves 4. Give one of these kits a try this week. You no longer have to spend a lot of time washing, cutting and prepping ingredients to have a nice home-cooked meal!



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