Future Dental Care is OPEN and they are super safe & secure

Future Dental Care is OPEN and they are super safe & secure

Future Dental Care is OPEN to all patients, emergency and non-emergency! According to the County of San Mateo Shelter in Place update on May 3rd, dentists are allowed to operate. ABC7 states that Contra Costa County public health officer, Dr. Chris Farnitano, said preventative care was safe to resume in 17 counties including San Mateo county. See how they have prepared for your safety, watch their video below and learn more about Dr. Agrawal.

Meet Dr. Mudita Agrawal, DDS.

She is a compassionate and empathetic practitioner. Her treatment philosophy revolves around how she would like herself and her family to be treated, which means accurate diagnosis, excellent patient care, friendly environment, and exceptional customer service.  As the new dentist in the neighborhood she made a few changes at Future Dental Care to create a better experience for her patients of all ages.

Here are some of the changes Dr. Agrawal has implemented:

  • She also put music of your choice onto the computers in the patient booths so they can listen to their favorite playlists (either on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or a platform of your choice).
  • She bought pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys so patients of all ages can feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental procedures.
  • She added light dimmers for more comfort. Sometimes patients are anxious and dimming the lights helps them relax.
  • She also changed all the lighting fixtures and bulbs to create a more natural indoor lighting effect.
  • She added a 2-way text messaging for patients who prefer to communicate this way.

All these changes were made because Dr. Agrawal wants her patients to feel comfortable, relaxed, and to even enjoy their visit to the dentist! According to Dr. Agrawal, “If I was a patient, I would like to be comfortable. We have a lot of cool technology here and we have the latest innovations in our dental practice. I love innovating and staying on top of the trends. I am continuously working on updating things so we can be the best we can be. I also create personalized welcome tags with a patient’s name on them so when they come in, they quickly feel comfortable.”

What sets Future Dental Care apart from other dental offices?

  • They don’t book their patients back to back, so no one has to wait for their appointment. They schedule only one patient for that hour so that the dentist gives you complete and personalized attention.
  • They have modern facility with advanced technology for proper diagnosis and treatment such as digital X-rays, intramural camera, caries detector, soft tissue laser. They use only the most advanced technologies and restorative materials available in order to create stunning improvements that will last for the long-term.
  • The dentist personally attends to your calls after hours and you get dental concierge service at its best for free! Late evening, early morning and Saturday appointments are available too.

Dr. Agrawal has also gone out of her way to see patients on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even on New Year’s Day. “Anybody who calls or emails the dental office goes straight to my cell phone. I am always willing to help my patients when they have a dental emergency. My turnaround time for my patients is usually very fast – within 30 minutes in most cases. I think being personalized to fit my patients’ needs is very important. We want the practice to have a close knit family feeling to it” – Dr. Agrawal

What’s next?

  • Future Dental Care will install three 48″ TVs in each of the patient booths with access Netflix.
  • They are working on private rooms for anxious patients who would like to have their own private space. This will also allow patients to have a choice of treatment space.
  • They plan to add a digital scanner and a CBct machine for better technology.

A little more about Dr. Agrawal

Dr. Agrawal routinely performs complex dental procedures such as full mouth reconstructions, multiple-unit bridges, veneers, lumineers, implants Invisalign, extractions, root canals, dentures and more. She and her staff are always up to date with advances in dentistry with various continuing education courses.
She loves dressing up for the occasion. She has a box full of costumes in her office. She dresses up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and so on. Something simple but festive. She also does school visits around the area to talk about the value of oral hygiene and to teach kids how to have good oral health. She does this because she loves giving back to the community and educating kids. Come on in and visit Dr. Agrawal at Marsh Manor! We think you’ll like her as much as we do!

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