Happy New You! Three Ways to Kick Off a Healthy 2020.

Happy New You! Three Ways to Kick Off a Healthy 2020.

Join “21 Day Reset” at Studio K-Fit

Sometimes we all need a little wellness reboot. The K-Fit Reset was designed to keep you accountable for 3 weeks of clean eating and working out. Ideal for those looking to lose weight while getting started at the studio. About 3 times per year we have the in-person version of the program available for members, but it is available for people at anytime. You’ll meet with a coach in the beginning of the program who will keep you accountable on a daily basis so you can have 21 days of success. The program is to be used as a stepping stone as you continue on a healthier path beyond the 3 weeks and includes:

-Guidance by 3 nutrition coaches
-Bonus Cooking Workshop by fitness chef, Martine Larson
-Easy to follow recipes
-Custom analysis of your eating habits and meal plan ideas
-Weekly weigh-in check ins (optional)
-Weekly Challenges
-3 in-person nutrition seminars

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Sign up for a class at StretchWorks

Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training combines flexibility training and yoga postures into a physical workout. It gives immediate flexibility and strength gains, takes the pain out of stretching, and protects against overstretching injury. It’s a powerful stretch routine for the entire body. It’s a safe foundation for beginners, or a powerful addition to any exercise routine or extreme athletic program.

Balanced Flow Yoga is a blend of precision and alignment with the flowing sequencing of Vinyasa. The small class size and friendly non-pressured atmosphere allows each student to progress at their own level.

Yoga Fusion is a class that combines yoga with core work and a very thorough stretching that both feels good and prevents injury. Activity gradually increases following stretching into yoga flow sequences to create a continuous movement from one pose to the next, which brings up the heart rate. We also include a special focus on the core that involves multiple repetitions of various muscle groups to strengthen those areas and build stamina and flexibility. We conclude class with a resting/stretching sequence that leaves us feeling calm and centered.


Make an appointment with Dr. Huang OMD, LAc, PhD at Bay Area Integrative Health Care

Bay Area Integrative Health Care (BAIHC) uses traditional Chinese medical treatments to heal the whole person; mind, body, and spirit. The goal in treating patients with alternative treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and therapeutic massage is to improve your health holistically, reducing the amount of pharmaceutical medication patients are taking, by offering holistic alternatives to treat symptoms, improve wellness, and heal the whole person – mind and body. Commonly treated conditions include:

  • Reproductive Health
  • Migraine & Headache
  • Allergy & Sinus Issues
  • Low/High Blood Pressure
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Side Effects from Cancer Treatment
  • Chronic Illness
  • Neuropathy
  • Pain
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Anxiety