Let Marsh Manor Cleaners take some of the stress out of your Holiday Season!

Let Marsh Manor Cleaners take some of the stress out of your Holiday Season!

For the month of December, Marsh Manor Cleaners is offering great discounts on dry cleaning! Come see for yourself why Marsh Manor Cleaners was the 2019 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite!

What these happy customers said about their experience at Marsh Manor Cleaners:

“Huge fan of Marsh Manor Cleaners! They have saved me in a pinch with last minute tricky alterations for my kids dance costumes and music uniforms. When I’ve gone to the leading tailors in PA they take forever, are expensive and have poor quality work. At MMC they are always kind and friendly and they don’t overcharge for the very high quality of work they do. I’m grateful to have them in my community!” – Holly T.

“Place is priced competitively but still do a great job taking care of my clothes. Silk shirts means repeated trips to cleaners – they have always taken great care of my clothes.” – Paul A.

“I dropped my wedding dress off and was soo shocked at how clean it was. I wish I had a before and after picture. I had an outside wedding and ceremony, so pretty much the bottom of my dress was dark brown/grey. I wasn’t expecting to get it back to the original color so this was a such a relief. My dress strap had also broke at my wedding and she fixed it. I had stopped by a cleaners in Los Altos and they wanted $300 just for the cleaning. I got it cleaned and fixed for about $150. Couldn’t beat that!
P.s. I have in the past dropped off blankets and comforters and always been happy with the outcome” – Melissa E.

“Very nice staff and very prompt! I was looking for a place to drop off work clothes and came across this place. I totally recommend this dry cleaning to someone that expects great customer service!” – Nicole L.

“Really nice place for dry clean and clothing alteration” – Scarlett HE

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