Meet Our New Neighbor- We Promise it will be Love at First Bite!

Meet Our New Neighbor- We Promise it will be Love at First Bite!

The interior of Lavender ‘n Cream is as elegant as the confections in their cases and as welcoming as the patisserie owners behind the counter; a perfect space to meet a friend, host a celebration, or just take a break.

You will find delicate, authentic French pastries, meticulously decorated cakes and cookies, and delicious savory items on display. But there is more than meets the eye! Here is the “icing on the cake.”

🇨🇦 Owners, Lara and Edgar, recently relocated from their native Canada to be closer to family, leaving behind a successful Patisserie in Montreal they ran for nearly a decade.

🎓 Between the two of them, they have 2 Pastry Chef Certifications, and a Baker, a Cooking and a Chocolatier Diploma. (In addition to Edgar’s Chemistry and Lara’s Accounting Degree)

👨‍👨‍👦 They also have three sons: two attending college nearby; one just entered Kindergarten!

🎂 Not on display are their amazing custom cakes, dessert kits, and party favors! Show them a picture or describe your idea, and they will create your vision. Take a look here!

💛 Lara creates showstopping dessert tables for special events and will make all the necessary catering arrangements. Give her a call to get more details! 650-257-3026

🍨 There is talk about ice cream that will be made on the premises. Stay tuned!

✨ Look for their winter holiday desserts in the coming weeks

🥗 More than just sweet treats! Lavender ‘n Cream has a menu full off delicious savory items for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy their sandwiches, salty pies and salads with a warm beverage or a fruit smoothie. Take a look at their menu here!

Lavender ‘n Cream is open daily from 6 AM to 9 PM!

Stop by, enjoy one (or more) of their mouthwatering creations, and wish Lara and Edgar:

Bienvenue et Bonne Chance!