All You Need is Love… and Plenty of Scrumptious, Freshly Baked Treats!

All You Need is Love… and Plenty of Scrumptious, Freshly Baked Treats!

Years ago, before Eva Sweets Bakery opened at Marsh Manor, pastry chef and owner, Tal, was looking for a gift to deliver to a dear friend. Although there were plenty of options, finding something with a personal touch proved more difficult, so she decided to build her own. She assembled the gift with her friend in mind, loaded with freshly baked treats and other goodies. It was a hit and the idea of “Love Made Edible” Gift Boxes was born. The perfect gift for all special occasions, employee or customer appreciations, or just to send some love!

Boxes can be ordered as shown or customized, or Tal can work with you to create your own altogether, within your budget. Gifts include a personal note and are hand-delivered if within a 10-mile radius. All others are shipped via UPS (one business day in California, 2-3 days outside)

But Eva Sweets Bakery is not just about treating others, don’t forget to stop by the bakery to treat yourself! Fresh coffee is brewing and there is a lovely seating area to relax or meet a friend.

Here are some things you may not know about Eva Sweets Bakery:

🍰 The first two things Tal was really proud to master were babka and opera cake. Still some of her specialties.

❤️ She loves all her “babies” but she does have a soft spot for anything chocolate, such as brownies and rugelach.

⏰ Her day starts at 4AM.. every day..

🚚 A lot of Eva Sweets business is from events and corporate sales, but she always enjoys seeing her customers face-to-face at her shop.

🥰 Eva Sweets Bakery is a true family business. Tal’s husband and three teenagers are regularly helping out with orders, deliveries, etc