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Marsh Manor Cleaners

Marsh Manor Cleaners

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“The owner here is extremely nice and friendly. She delivered the service promised in a quick manner. The rates are also reasonable!” – John K.

“Huge fan of Marsh Manor Cleaners! They have saved me in a pinch with last minute tricky alterations for my kids dance costumes and music uniforms. When I’ve gone to the leading tailors in Palo Alto they take forever, are $$$$ and have poor quality work. At Marsh Manor Cleaners they are always kind and friendly and they don’t overcharge for the very high quality of work they do. I’m grateful to have them in my community!” – Holly T.

“I had two down comforters that had small (1-2″) holes in them. I took them to the cleaners to be patched and cleaned. I got them back same day at what I thought was a reasonable price. Just in time for the colder winter weather.” – C.N.

“I’m so spoiled by how close this dry cleaner is to my house. But aside from that, both the man and woman (I’m assuming husband and wife?) have always been so polite and wonderful to me, and my items have always been cleaned to my expectations. My husband wears uniforms for work so I’m in there quite often, and on the few occasions I have been in a bind time-wise they always make sure to have the items ready when I need them. We will be trying their alterations services for the first time here soon, I will update my review after that experience.” – Megan L.

“Three words can sum up Marsh Manor Cleaners: Affordable, courteous, excellent! I live about 2 minutes away from Marsh Manor Cleaners and found the spot two days after moving into my new home. I’m a thrifter and I frequently find precious vintage items that need to be dry cleaned. I left two skirts and a designer vintage dress in the care of Marsh Manor Cleaners and they were returned in pristine condition. The lady that runs the front counter greets all customers with a happy smile and a hello. And when I went to pick up my clothes there were four people ahead of me. A gentleman seemed anxious to have a pair of pants in about 48 hours and the owner promised him that she would have them ready. She seemed to try her best to accomodate her customers and that’s nice to know. I’m a fan of this place and will continue to do business with Marsh Manor Cleaners.” – Chandra D.

“This place is by far the best place to get your alterations. I had a button-up shirt that got shredded near the top buttons. I love this shirt and couldn’t bear parting with it and with hope I took it here. It was amazing what the owner was able to do.  The shirt was literally shredded about half inch wide and two inches tall, but she worked her magic and now you can barely notice it now. I took the rest of my dry cleaning here and you can definitely tell the care they put into cleaning each article of clothing. The prices might be tad more expensive than some other places, but it’s worth every single penny.”- BJ L.

“Sometimes I volunteer in Redwood City, so I drop my dry cleaning and tailoring off at Marsh Manor Cleaners, instead of Palo Alto Cleaners. They do dry cleaning, and they do a GREAT job. They do tailoring, and they do a FABULOUS job. I get my jeans hemmed here ALWAYS. Susan is AMAZING and is the most fantastic tailor, she’s always smiling and gracious. They’ve switched to a greener method of dry-cleaning which makes even happier with their dry cleaning. Marsh Manor Cleaners… my fave cleaners :)” – Lani N.

“Great service. The lady is super friendly and she remembers my order each time I come in. I don’t even have to say my name or give my slip. She also gave me a laundry to use after I came in with a hamper one day.” – Letsy L.

“I took my pants here to get them altered during my break at work. The woman there was very nice, and she had my pants done in one day, which is much faster than any other place I’ve used (usually they take about 4-5 days). She told me if I bring in more than 10 items for dry cleaning, she will take 10% off the bill. I will be bringing more business here soon!” – Orie M.

“The only place to get cleaned and altered!..If you’re a pair of pants that is. Marsh Manor is a great family owned and operated dry cleaning and alterations place. As far as cleaning, the clothes come back truly cleaned. (Shocking that I felt the need to include that factoid.) Their prices are very reasonable, and you’ll always get friendly service.” – Margo G.