Studio K-Fit

Studio K-Fit

Studio K-Fit

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Did you know this about Studio K-Fit?

  • The average membership length is 3 years (yes, it’s a very tight knit community)
  • Average age of clients = 51 years young
  • Percentage of clients that are spouses = 25%
  • Studio K-Fit was chosen “Best Gym” and “Best Fitness Class” by the Almanac in 2019.

Studio K-Fit’s Founder, Kendrick, attributes the studio’s special community feeling to the emphasis on “We > Me.” “Although exercise is the focus of what we are all about, overall wellness depends very much on the quality of our relationships and how supportive our circle of influence can be.”

Both Kendrick and Angie (his wife and studio manager) are glowing role models for their belief that good energy always wins. “Despite the challenging year that we’ve had as small business owners, we are grateful for the loyal members that have stayed by our side, supporting and believing in us in some shape or form. Whether it was pivoting with us to do outdoor workouts and doing online training, our members have come through in big ways, and for that we are eternally grateful. We are stronger together.”


“I came to try the K-Fit HIIT class and did not know what to expect. Halfway through it I was hooked. Everything from the trainer to the music and the other participants were very inspiring. I felt very welcomed by everyone.” – Henrique K.

“What keeps me at Studio K-Fit is the wonderful community of people. The members here are so supportive, encouraging, and so welcoming. It’s a joy to see everyone in class. Studio K-Fit is a place I’m proud to be a member of.” – Stacy R.

“I’ve been working out at Studio K-Fit for more than two years and love it! The trainers are supportive, creative, and up-to-date with their fitness knowledge. I can highly recommend Studio K-Fit!”- Mary-Beth R.