Yat Sing Restaurant

Yat Sing Restaurant


Yat Sing Restaurant
Chinese Restaurant
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“This place is surprisingly good. The potstickers and veggie egg rolls are really tasty and the chow mein was dope too. Affordable and pretty fast. I would come back here again for sure!”- Adam M.

“The Mandarin Beef at Yat Sing is one of the best dishes on the menu. Don’t leave Redwood City, or San Mateo County without eating at Yat Sing Chinese restaurant at least once.”- Leo T.

“A good spot for quality Chinese food that’s tasty and not greasy like a lot of other places. The service when eating in is so prompt, it’s incredible. Prompt seating, prompt ordering, prompt refills, and prompt delivery of the check. Would definitely recommend for local Chinese cuisine.”- Sandra H.

“We gave this place a try and we were quite impressed. We had potstickers and two different (mixed veggies and moo shu) veggie dishes as our entrees. The potstickers were the perfect consistency and the flavor was amazing.”- Stefan R.