Start Your Spring Cleaning With Marsh Manor Cleaners!

Start Your Spring Cleaning With Marsh Manor Cleaners!

Did you know this about Marsh Manor Cleaners?

🍃 Marsh Manor Cleaners uses environmentally safe cleaning dry cleaning and laundry methods.

👔 Their non-toxic methods work for all items you may need to have cleaned: shirts, pants, coats, dresses, wedding gowns, sequined evening gowns, men suits, cashmere sweaters, bedding/comforters, curtains

🧵 They have on-premise alterations available.

🥰 They are able to revitalize colors and remove stains, smells & old yellowing from table linen & antique clothes

🎉 Their prices are lower than their competitors AND they offer 10% off for new customers, and 10% off 5+ items for both new and returning customers!

Mahesh at Marsh Manor Cleaners sincerely thanks their regular customers, new customers & new neighborhood for bringing their clothes for dry cleaning & laundry services. “We are committed to meet & beat our customers’ expectations and make it win-win for all of us.”

“I dropped my wedding dress off and was soo shocked at how clean it was. I had an outside wedding and ceremony, so pretty much the bottom of my dress was dark brown/grey. I wasn’t expecting to get it back to the original color so this was a such a relief. My dress strap had also broke at my wedding and Marsh Manor Cleaners fixed it. I had stopped by a cleaners in los altos where I work they wanted $300 just for the cleaning. I got it cleaned and fixed for about $150. Couldn’t beat that!P.S. I have in the past dropped off blankets and comforters and always been happy with the outcome” – Melissa E.

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