Update regarding COVID-19

Update regarding COVID-19

We want to share with you that we are regularly monitoring conditions related to the novel coronavirus and are complying with state and federal mandates for operating a business in this current environment. Each of our merchants takes this situation very seriously and have made changes as appropriate for the sake of customers, employees and vendor/partners.

With that said, we want to remind you that we have restaurants that are more than happy to provide you with food, drinks and desserts to go. Also, many of our merchants can work with you over the phone or internet. For example, contact our Allstate agent for a quote over the phone.

Our shops that are still open are Delucchi’s Market, Wells Fargo bank, Bay Area Integrative Health, and Marsh Manor Cleaners. The dentist is willing to take dental emergencies only. While Squeeze-in, Los Gallos Taqueria, and Starbucks are taking to go and pick up orders.

We so appreciate being a member of this community and thank you for your ongoing support of our merchants. Please reply back with any questions you have about our response to the novel coronavirus.