Get K-FIT!

The K-Fit HIIT is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout incorporating functional and core exercises using free weights along with water rowers and airdyne bikes for a low impact, full body cardio. A low impact workout that’s suitable for young, old, fit, unfit, small or big.


Guaranteed workout slot of your choice. Once you’re in, no one can take your spot.  K-Fit also offers the flexibility for you to cancel and add make up sessions as needed right from your phone.

Coaches that know your limits and capabilities.  Top notch coaches make sure you’re working out properly and to your capabilities. Trainers implement exercise science to come up with custom intervals based on your current fitness level. K-Fit coaches are able to modify the exercises as needed if you are recovering from an injury.

A planned workout, at your own pace.  Sessions are carefully designed at the beginning of each week by professional trainers in order to bring you the very best experience and produce results for every level. Variety is the spice of life (and also K-Fit workouts.)  You’ll never do the same one twice.

Community that empowers beyond the workout.  K-Fit has a reputation for being the “Friendliest Workout Studio in the Bay.”

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Salt & Light Aveda Salon has a new website!

Check out the website and stop by the new Salt & Light AVEDA concept hair salon, committed to bringing out your natural beauty with the freshest styles and ideas. Don’t forget to try out their line of professional AVEDA products!

What clients are saying about Salt & Light Aveda Salon:

“As I walked around in the shopping center I noticed the salon has changed ownership. They have been doing some remodeling and it’s looking beautiful! First of all, AVEDA salon?! I’ve been using their products for some years now and they are truly amazing. The salon has two new owners now, and they seem nice and down to earth. Luckily One of the owners (Laly) had time for a haircut and I was blown away by the service. Not only by the amazing haircut, but we also discussed my hair needs and talked me through the process, also gave my tips with my frizzy hair. I am beyond excited to see how this salon grows and what it becomes! Welcome to the area ladies!” – Alex B.

“New owners, nice changes inside the salon, and amazing hair Products! Been an Aveda fan for several years now and I am so glad there’s an Aveda salon closer to me now! I had my color done here and my hair looks and feels amazing! Will definitely come back for my monthly touch ups!” – Loreley F.


text /call 650.290.5619

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Join the Egghead Breakfast Club at Squeeze In!

Sign up for the Egghead Breakfast Club and get:

  • Free $5 “Welcome” gift certificate!
  • Free $10 gift certificate for your birthday!
  • Free bottle of champagne for your anniversary!

Eva Sweets has a new website!

Check it out! Offering their usual favorites along with some new treats:




Upgraded EVgo Charging Stations Now Available Behind Delucchi’s Market!

Attention electric car owners! We have installed NEW EVgo charging stations in our West parking lot behind Delucchi’s Market. These are ultra-fast chargers that you will love. Below are the plugs we have available.



Catering at Eva Sweets!

Did you know Eva Sweets does catering for corporate events, weddings, parties and more? Check out their website or come on in and talk to Tal to see what they have to offer! Here are a few of their very popular creations.



Good Times at Freewheel Brewing Company!


Check out their calendar for the band schedule!


Singles Trivia Night

What better way to meet your single neighbors than through a fun, competitive game!


Monday Night Pub Quiz

The Freewheel Pub Quiz is fun and challenging with plenty of prizes and surprises!


Knit Night at the Pub

Bring your knitting project, bring your questions, bring your thirst. It’s Knit Night at the Pub!


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5 Chocolate Cakes from Eva Sweets for the Chocolate Lovers!

5 Chocolate Cakes from Eva Sweets for the Chocolate Lovers Out There!

Chocolate Vanilla Cake
Chocolate over vanilla over…chocolate.
Light, creamy & gluten-free cake to indulge on.


Chocolate Nougat Tart


Flourless Chocolate cake
No flour. Same chocolate power!


Opera Cake with Dark Chocolate 
Bite into a piece of heaven…layer by layer…


Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake
The yin and yang of cheesecakes demand an evil sister. Seductive and unmerciful.




Check out Freewheel Brewing Company’s NEW BEER on Cask!


New beer on Cask: All Bark and No Bite

5.9% ABV

25 IBU

Rich amber ale brewed with cinnamon and candy sugar as a collaboration with our friends at Waterdog Tavern. Aromas of dark spice and oatmeal cookies please your nose, while malty caramel and subtle cinnamon flavors tickle your tongue. The finish is dry with a slow spicy warmth that builds. The perfect beer for the Holiday Season!